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About Copetrol :

Co-operation petroleum Co. “Copetrole” is a subsidiary of the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation, and “Copetrole” is the largest integrated company for the production and marketing of oil in Egypt. We are committed to doing our part in ensuring the provision of energy for the future and continue to achieve growth.

Copetrol History :

Co-operation petroleum Co. “Copetrole”, a subsidiary of the Egyptian oil sector, was established in March 18, 1934 with a capital of LE 932 as the first national company operating the production and marketing of petroleum products, the management of Egypt. Then turned Co-operation petroleum Co. “Copetrole” to a joint stock company in May 8, 1963 is subject to the provisions of Law No. (97) of 1983, in January 2013 ratified by the General Assembly to extend the order to the company for a period of 50 years ending in March 2063, and became the capital of the company at June 30, 2013 amount LE 613 million.

Vision :

To be the best company in the field of energy by providing
high quality products meets all the needs of our customers.

Mission :

Provide continuing value to the country through the manufacturing and marketing of petroleum products and services that meet the needs of our customers and achieve excellence and to maintain safety standards and environmental and economic rehabilitation of labor constantly to become innovative and results-oriented, which leads to excellence.

Our culture :

Co-operation petroleum Co. “Copetrole” Culture is committed to aspects of national, social, and it shows in the employment rate, where the company is the main source of income for the family 11000, in addition to service most of the companies in the public sector, and since it is a public sector companies, and part of the profits falls within budget the state's public.

Products & Services

Engine Oil
ManualTransmission Fluids (MTF)
Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF)
Car Care Fluid
Industrial oils
Metal Working
Gas station

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