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Tractor Fluid

Manufacturer specifications for fluids for the drive (transmissions, differentials, final drives) and hydraulic systems of farm and industrial tractors and self-propelled farm equipment have been extensively developed and used. The success of these fluids depends on their ability to satisfy all the needs of the various manufacturers and their availability to the markets where needed . Multipurpose fluids must satisfy the lubrication requirements of hydraulic systems, gears, and bearings. They must also work with wet braking systems, and they must provide the proper frictional characteristics for clutches in transmissions and power takeoffs. In addition, they must be compatible with all system components and capable of performing under a wide range of operating conditions.

Why co-op tractor fluid?

co-op tractor fluids have Excellent protection for gear, transmission and drive systems. also preserve High performance in hydraulic systems and Good thermal stability at any operating conditions.

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