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This section includes very important products with a great functions such as white oils ,electrical insulating oils, rust preventives oils , and process oils
• CO-OP Special Transformer Oil
Insulating oils:- are intended for use as insulating agents in electric equipment.
insulating oils may be divided into 4 groups in terms of their end use:-
-Transformer oils -switch gear oils -cable oils -capacitor oils

Why co-op transformer oil?

CO-OP transformer oil is an uninhibited mineral insulating oils, which are used in transformers and electrical equipment. This type of oil has a low viscosity and low density that lead to the oils having good cooling properties, and exhibiting good heat transfer characteristics at room temperature and below. Even at low temperature the oil viscosity remains low and therefore allows the transformer to be started up under very cold conditions without problems. Also, It has excellent dielectric properties which are maintained over many years of service, and although it does not contain any antioxidant additives , it has very good inherent oxidation stability , therefore acts as a safeguard in the operation of electrical equipment.

Heat transfer oil

They are specially designed to resist thermal cracking and chemical oxidation. They have good heat transfer efficiency and Easy starting-up.

Why co-op Heat transfer oil?

They are formulated from highly refined base stocks with specific additives to resist thermal cracking and chemical oxidation also co-op Heat transfer oil is used in closed and open heat transfer systems. with Long life and Minimizing maintenance costs.

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