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Rolling , drawing , quenching , cutting , spinning , and other proceses that change the shape or characteristics of metal all call for special skills and experience .

Cutting fluid

used in machine operation like turning .milling , gear cutting , drilling , grinding , honing and broaching to cool and lubricate the tool. the main function of the cutting oil is to carry away the heat generated by friction and to lubricate the surface of the tool as the metal cuttings pass over it.

Why co-op cutting oil?

co-op cutting metal working oil permit high finishing quality at both high and low speed-machining operations. and They are formulated from high quality base oils and specially selected additives which provide antirust ,antioxidation, antiwear, extreme pressure properties and also Decreasing the temperature during the cutting process.
Drawing oils:
for the manufacture of many metal articles ,like metal sheets, wires . rods , and tubes theses processes which proceed in several stages must have adequate lubrication to reduce friction and wear of formers or dies and assist in the production of good surface finish
Cold Rolling oil:-
these types of oils are used in the rolling of metal sheets , and plates
CO-OP used high quality oil which is needed to lubricate the metal during its passage through the rolls.

Quenching oil

are used as aquenching medium for case hardening of ferrous metal , especially steel . this type of oil should be of a low viscosity to facilitate heat transfer and should have as low a volatility as possible. CO-OP quenching oil is blended from high quality mineral base oils with special chemical additives provide high oxidation and thermal stability. It is used for heat treatment and quenching of alloy steels.

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