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controlling of friction and wear between the moving surfaces by reducing metal to metal contact by fluid , solid ,substances which is called lubricant (like oil, and greases) this is meam lubrication

Why coop Lubricant ?

lubricants used in so many different types of equipment operated under such a wide variety of conditions , the quality and performance must fulfill the requirements of equipments manufacturer ,SO, CO-OP have a great variety of lubricants with high quality and high performance level to satisfy their customer and to cover most of all Egyptian lubricant market


Automotive engine oil has many direct functions ,this functions include:- (Lubrication- Cooling- Deposite Control-oil consumption)... More Info


Much of today is modern machinery operates at high speeds or heavy loads or at extremes of temperature ,These machine must be... More Info

Tractor fluid

Manufacturer specifications for fluids for the drive (transmissions, differentials, final drives) and hydraulic systems of farm and industrial tractors and self-propelled farm equipment have been extensively developed and used. The success of these fluids depends on their ability to satisfy all the needs of the various manufacturers and their availability to the markets where needed ... More Info


Grease is used in application where liquid lubricants cannot provide the required protection .The main properties of grease are that it stays in place , provides sealing action and provides extra film thickness... More Info

Metal Working

Rolling , drawing , quenching , cutting , spinning , and other proceses that change the shape or characteristics of metal all call for special skills and experience... More Info


This section includes very important products with a great functions such as white oils ,electrical insulating oils, rust preventives oils , and process oils (concrete form , heat transfer oil)... More Info

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