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What is a Monograde Oil?

Monograde oils are designed to be used within a defined temperature range. The monograde oils are classified by the thickness (or viscosity) of the oil. The intention is to ensure that the oil will cycle as required under specific operating conditions. In cold climates a thinner grade, e.g. SAE 40, is more likely to be required whilst in warmer climates a thicker grade e.g. SAE 50, is more likely to be selected.

What is a multigrade oil? eg 5W-40

Lubricants that are able to maintain their performance in high and low temperatures are called multigrade. They are defined by two numbers. The first (followed by a W) indicates the lubricant’s viscosity under lower temperatures. The second and higher number indicates the lubricant’s viscosity under greater temperatures. A multigrade lubricant minimizes viscosity differences under temperature variations.

What is Viscosity?

Viscosity is a measure of an oil's resistance to flow at a given temperature. In order to meet the requirements of different manufactures and operating conditions monograde oils are available in a range of viscosities.

Why does my oil go black almost immediately after an oil change?

The oil should go black as it disperses and suspends the soot. If not held in a finely dispersed form by the oil, the particles would stick together forming sludge that could block oil-ways or large hard particles that could wear bearings, cam lobes, etc. Essentially the oil is doing its job. If oil takes time to go black it is not performing as well as the oil that goes black quickly.

My oil consumption is very high. Why?

You would be wise to check for faults, taking into account the type of engine, its age and the driving conditions to which it has been exposed. Faults could be caused by a leak in junctions or seals, wear to pistons or cylinders, or deposits limiting the lubrication of some surfaces.

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